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Acacia Community Charter School

Acacia Community Charter School is a TK-8 public school located in Stockton and will open in the 2013-2014 school year. The mission of Acacia Community Charter School is committed to providing a nurturing and challenging learning community. Students will experience learning in ways that will allow them to both understand and improve their wolrd. Our academic program is both rigorous and engaging. Grade level curricula are aligned to the California State Standards and Common Core Standards in every subject area. Our scholars receive instruction that is differentiated to meet their individual needs. We offer balanced literacy and Mathematics, comprehensive units in Science and Social Studies and ongoing formative assessments to ensure that our students are learning to their fullest potential. Throughout their years at the school, scholars look forward to the signature activities of each grade level, such as expeditionary field trips and service learning projects that are integrated into the core curriculum. Our DLI program prepares our students for the Global workforce by teaching them Spanish and English from kindergarten to eigth grade. A careful analysis of the current DLI research indicates that the educational and linguistic needs of both ELL and EO students can best be met by combining the most effective features of immersion foreign language education and two-way immersion education into a unified Dual Language Immersion model.  Dual Language Immersion programs are most effective when both EO students and ELL students are fully integrated for a majority of their instruction.  In Kindergarten, for example, students are taught intensive Spanish oral language skills. Such skills enrich students’ academic performance as they are promoted to the upper grades. When English and Spanish speaking students, as well as students of different performance levels, are given opportunities to interact and work together, they benefit linguistically, academically and socially.  Dual Language Immersion programs have delivered impressive rates of academic success in both English and the minority language (Spanish) for both limited English proficient students, native English speakers, and bilingual students, (Tempes, 1984-85; Krashen & Biber, 1988).