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Reshaping your body with the Bombshell Workout | Fun

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Reshaping your body with the Bombshell Workout

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SACRAMENTO -- In just under a year, Michelle Ponto has gone from average to an NPC bikini athlete. 

She says she owes everything to Vanessa Campbell and Shannon Dey from Team Bombshell and the Bombshell food and workout plan. You can find them on Facebook at www.facebook.com/teambombshell.

"While they look intimidating --as all the girls look fabulous and are professional NPC competitors -- the group is great and helpful," said Michelle. "Even though I haven't met most of them in person yet, I feel like I know them. They keep me motivated and understand how hard it is to stay focused -- especially when you have a show coming up."


Shannon is the founder of Team Bombshell and conducts Bombshell Bootcamp weekends in Daytona Beach. These are optional, but it's good motivation to start your journey.  Michelle did hers in mid-March 2011 and then signed up for the team on April 1. She hasn't looked back since. 

"Shannon mentioned at the camp that doing cardio will help you lose weight, but you'll only end up with a smaller version of the body you currently have," said Michelle. "The Bombshell Plan combines weights and cardio so you re-shape your body. That made sense to me."


Once you sign up, you'll get a weekly workout and a meal plan emailed to you. The food is all normal food and they don't make you take any crazy muscle-building powders. They do recommend vitamins.

Because this is an online training program, every week Michelle takes a photo of herself and emails it to Shannon so she can see her progress. She sends back tips, advice and sometimes tweaks Michelle's workouts and meal plans depending on how her body is responding.

For 8 weeks, Michelle followed Shannon Dey's advice and the plan exactly.  She was able to compete in her first bikini show in May 2011 and came in 4th in her class.

She has since competed in more shows including the Tahoe Show and 2012 Governor's Cup.

"Each show I look a little bit better, but the best part is meeting other girls on the same journey. It's an amazing experience," Michelle said.

If you go to the Team Bombshell Facebook page and leave a message on the wall, Shannon will email you all the information. 

Michelle says age doesn't matter. It's all about staying with the plan.