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Manteca city officials weigh $40K measure to secure trash bins

A costly measure to prevent the homeless from stealing trash in a downtown Manteca transit center may be nearing development.

City officials are looking at spending $39,000 to build a roof on top of a 7-foot brick structure that contains trash bins.

Though the doors to the structure remain locked, officials said people are able to scale the walls to search for the trash and recyclable materials inside.

American Heart Association Seeks Heart-Healthy Woman For Go Red Total Makeover

American Heart Association Seeks Heart-Healthy Woman For Go Red Total Makeover

44 million women in the U.S. are affected by heart disease and stroke and each of them have a story to tell. Join ABC10’s Dina Kupfer at The American Heart Association’s Go Red For Women® movement as she emcees the Go Red Total Makeover on Saturday, February 6 at Arden Fair from 10am to 2pm. The event will spotlight one local heart-healthy woman who is in the process of making herself over from the inside out.

Nominees should be a female resident within the community or surrounding area and have taken action to improve her heart health.  The heart-healthy makeover recipient will receive a $500 Macy’s gift card at the Go Red Total Makeover event, and additionally, will participate in local media and in-studio interviews.

Manteca card skimming scam foiled thanks to observant customer

MANTECA, CA - What might have been a successful bank card skimming scam in the city of Manteca was foiled when an alert bank customer noticed something wasn't quite right. 

It was 6:47 Sunday morning when two suspects came to the ATM at the Bank of Stockton in the 600 block of North Main Street in Manteca and put a fake card reader over the existing one. But, it was just over two hours later that a customer came through, noticed it was loose, wiggled it, took it off in his hands and called police.

"Yeah, we were very lucky that the customer that noticed immediately called the police department and we were able to stop it from happening to anybody else," said Manteca police detective Daniel Peters.

The device looked almost identical to the existing reader and is similar to many you can simply order for between a few hundred and $1000.00 over the Internet.

Search underway for Manteca man who fell from boat

Solano County Sheriff’s Department deputies are investigating a Manteca man who reportedly fell into the Delta north of Antioch.

Sheriff’s officials report Daniel Calderon, 25, was on a boat fishing with a friend near Skinner Island on Saturday when he fell overboard.

Calderon has not been seen since, according to deputies.

Sheriff’s investigators are working with the U.S. Coast Guard for search and rescue efforts.

This is a developing story. It will be updated as new information becomes available.


San Joaquin County to Launch Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis Services for HIV Prevention

San Joaquin County to Launch Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis Services for HIV Prevention

Submitted by Krista Dommer, San Joaquin County Public Health Services

Approximately 80 San Joaquin County Residents become newly infected with HIV every year

San Joaquin County Public Health Services (PHS) will begin offering HIV pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP) in February. 

PrEP is a way for people who do not have HIV, but who have an increased chance of getting it, to prevent HIV infection by taking a pill called Truvada every day. Truvada has been shown to be safe and to help HIV-negative people to stay that way. PrEP is used along with other prevention methods, such as condoms. When taken daily, PrEP can reduce the chance of getting HIV by more than 90 percent. If not taken daily, PrEP will not be as protective against HIV infection.

Cosies for the Win

Cosies for the Win

Modesto-Con's Cosie Weekend at the Westside Theatre January 9th was a great sucess raising $1425.00 for the Haven's Women Center of Stanislaus Co.

Modesto-Con brought to the Westside Theatre in Newman, CA, the first ever Awards show of it's kind, the NorCal Cosies, along with a Mini Con(Cosie Con) during the day that had nearly 650 people in attendance over the 5 hours.

The NorCal Cosies Kicked off at 6pm sharp, with 10 categories with 3 finalist with a capactiy crowd who were the judges. The only trouble anyone had was in choosing who the winners would be.

Carrie Shea and Nick Silva kept the night flowing and the crowd entertaine, along with special dance performance by Spotlight Dance Company.

See you all July 9th and 10th at the Modesto Centre Plaza, for Modesto Con.

Was it you? 5 Powerball numbers matched in Stockton

Was it you? 5 Powerball numbers matched in Stockton


SACRAMENTO - No Powerball Jackpot winning ticket was sold in California on Saturday, but six people got very close, according to the California Lottery.

Six California tickets matched five of the six numbers. One was sold in Stockton.

The winning numbers for the record-breaking $949.8 million jackpot are:

32, 16, 19, 57, 34, and Powerball number 13.

The California Lottery said the six tickets that matched five numbers were sold at the following locations:

1.       7-Eleven, located at 4193 Central Avenue in Fremont (Alameda County)

2.      Parkwood Gas & Food, 1612 West Hammer Lane in Stockton (San Joaquin County)

3.      Nice Market, located at 3794 Highway 20 in Nice (Lake County)

Chili's Fundraiser for Joshua!



February is known as the month of love! Please show your loooooove for Joshua by participating in our first big fundraiser scheduled in February.

All you have to do is BE HUNGRY and GO OUT TO EAT at CHILIS's restaurant on Pacific Avenue. It's THAT EASY! Well, kinda! I will be posting a flyer that you will need to print and take with you. When you get to Chili's hand the flyer to the server and they will be sure that your tab counts as part of the fundraiser. 10% of the money made by all the people that bring in the flyer will be donated in Joshua's name via the fundraising organizazaion COTA. 100% of the money raised goes directly to Joshua and Breanna.

Details: Chilis's Restaurant 5756 Pacific Avenue Monday, February 1, 2010 ALL DAY LONG!

Rambling on a Thursday.

Here I am again!

I got a little behind on the blog - seems like life's river was moving too fast and I just got swept up in the current. Thankfully I didn't drown, but there was some flailing about. But I am back.

The way I post is being slightly changed - I realize I only have time to just spit out thoughts, quick, real, honest, and unkempt. Are you ready?

I have been sicker than a dog for two months. Sick with a cold, sinus infection, chest crap, and probably most annoying, nausea.

Found out in February that I am pregnant.

Thankfully only one baby.

That one baby is reeking havoc on my tummy.

Joshua has been transplanted. February 22 he received new lungs.

Joshua is still in Stanford, healing the best he can.

The Manteca Bulletin

The Manteca Bulletin has dedicated a lot of coverage lately to the gang shootings and issues we have been having here and in Lathrop. Over the weekend they reported the we intend to shift additional personnel out of investigative units and other special assignments to patrol to boost our response to the gang violence. I am not sure where they got that idea but it is not correct. We are at bare bones in all of these units and cannot afford to shift any additional personnel to patrol short of a significant emergency. This does not mean that we don't need to step up pressure on the gangs. Patrol, Detectives, and Street Crimes have all been doing a good job addressing gang crime are being as proactive as possible. But, we do need to get a handle on the problem before the hot weather gets here and school lets out for summer or we can expect even more violence.