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Photo Gallery | Art Against Violence Reception

Allison Leedy was always creating art.  She took art classes at the Art Korner on Alpine and at Franklin High. Allison wanted to study graphic design and fine art in college and pursue graphic design as a career.

Silhouettes, on loan from the Women’s Center Youth And Family Services “Silent Witnesses,” to the Art Against Violence exhibit at the Mexican Heritage Center include Allison Leedy.  Allison is one of more than sixty people remembered, having lost their lives to domestic violence.   

Allison made an impact on everyone. I was deeply touched by Allison’s story – how she brought us all together in remembrance (through memorials in Stockton, Washington and Japan) and to raise awareness and action towards domestic violence so that not another precious soul is taken. Allison’s mother wrote – “What we learned through Allison is how wonderful the people's love is - not how painful the life is.”  

Violence takes many forms.  The Art Against Violence exhibit also includes art about bullying, violence towards animals and more. My own life has been impacted by verbal abuse which contributed to me becoming an artist and poet. 

I often wish

I could not hear

All the hurtful things

That have been said

My happiness

Will not depend on others

But on myself instead



The beauty I find in nature and doing my best

The beauty I find in creating, sharing

Giving others opportunity

To do the same

Your words echo

From time to time

Causing me pain

But when beauty fills my soul

The hurt that lingers

Does not take its toll


The Art Against Violence reception takes place this Friday, January 16 from 5:30 pm – 8 pm at 111 S. Sutter, Stockton.  It includes music, poetry, food and time to meet the artists.