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Photo Gallery | Stockton Is Magnificent

The Stockton Is Magnificent festival was held for its fourth year last Saturday.  I will never forget the first event, one of the best days of my life – seeing everyone love Stockton and celebrate it as much as I do.  That year I arranged several art components including an art exhibit and Stockton Is Magnificent community mural on Adams Street across from Baskin Robbins by the Miracle Mile.

This year I photographed people making wish flags at the Draw It Out booth to be added to the total number collected for display throughout Stockton.

When I wondered why I didn’t see a lot of my friends walking around the festival my husband remarked that most of them were volunteering at booths – the Little Manila Foundation, the Filipino American National Historical Society (soon to open a Filipino Museum on Weber), Val Acoba with the Chinese Benevolent Association, the Friends of the Fox, Linda Derivi of Save Downtown Stockton Foundation, Erin Odessa with the Afternaps; Art Expressions of San Joaquin artists Angela Bardot and Arturo Vera; Angelique Grivalja, founder of La Catrina Project; Jagged Lines of the Imagination; author Richard Rios; Roy Hoggard (chess club enthusiast and this year’s festival poster designer) to name a few.    

Some people ask how anyone can say that Stockton is magnificent but for Stockton lovers, like myself, it is easy to see – its historic downtown and miles of waterways; its cultural festivals and parades; its treasures like the University of the Pacific and the Miracle Mile but most of all its caring people.

Forbes declaring Stockton as “a miserable city” continues to be one of the best things that ever happened because it brought Stocktonians together resulting in advocacy groups and projects, like this festival, each adding even more to the already remarkable place that is Stockton.