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Saturday, August 23 had an abundance of events featuring the arts to keep in mind for next year - the Stockton Pride Festival, Reggae on the Delta, Red Shoes and Salsa (August 23 Stockton Art Scene blog in the Stockton Record http://blogs.esanjoaquin.com/stockton-art/), Orange and Black Ball, and the Annual Picnic at Kennedy Park. 

A little about the events - the Pride Festival included lots of entertainment, food, exhibits, a letter writing campaign advocating gay marriage and murals that reflect on the colors found in the LGBT Pride flag.  The Reggae Fest, which just celebrated its 24th year at the Breadfruit Tree Restaurant, was a real party with Caribbean food, music and dancing all with a delta view. The Orange and Black Ball at UOP was an elegant dinner dance fundraiser with everyone dressed in beautiful hues of orange and black.  

I considered what to do and having been to most of the other events before I chose a free all day event that was new to me – the Annual Picnic at Kennedy Park (near Pock Lane in South Stockton) sponsored by Ministers and Community United Inc.

My husband and I arrived in the afternoon.  There were covered picnic tables and tents around a large open patio space.  We were greeted warmly and asked if we were hungry and given tickets for a barbecue lunch with ribs, chicken, hotlinks, hotdogs, potato salad, chili beans and punch.  A game of musical chairs was underway.  Afterwards people were invited to join the domino tournament.  Music filled the air. Everyone was friendly and smiling. 

The highlight of the day came when the peach cobbler cookoff was judged and yummy peach cobbler was served. Progressive Community Church’s gospel line dancers encouraged participation. Watermelon was handed out along with raffle prizes.  We felt welcomed by all.  Stockton has so much to offer. Make the most of whatever you choose.