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Photo Gallery | Get Pop-Cultured

I don’t usually spend much time at the mall without a compelling reason so when my friend Hugo from Afinastar Entertainment let me know about Barnes and Noble’s National Get Pop-Cultured events some taking place at Weberstown I decided to attend and see what they were all about.  Hugo’s company helped with the activities for the Stockton events.

The DC Comics Spectacular (7/26) included kid’s activity pages, drawing stations, facepainting, costumed characters (Joker and Flash), story telling and a costume contest.  Frozen Friday Cool Off With Olaf (8/1) was swamped with children.  There were kid’s activity pages, a photo op with Anna and Elsa, Olaf craft with cotton balls, facepainting (there were so many kids wanting their faces painted that I painted a few),  a puppet show and a stick the carrot nose on Olaf game. Marvel Day (8/2) had kid’s activity pages, facepainting, storytelling and costumed characters (Spiderman and Captain America), games including a stacking cup game, puzzles, and a sticky ball Spiderman web toss and cookie decorating.  And finally, the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles event (8/7) had storytelling, kid’s activity pages, turtle jokes, Ports baseball players meeting their fans and talking about leadership and being a ninja and handing out participation certificates and pizza decorating.

When I asked a Barnes and Noble employee if she thought they would have these events again she said probably not the same ones but something similar with new characters that are popular at the time because the events were highly successful in bringing people into the store.  Now that I know Barnes and Noble welcomes events with art activities I will likely volunteer in the future.  Look for more in store activities to come.