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Hair apparent: Manteca woman takes shortcut to hair-care career goals | People

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Hair apparent: Manteca woman takes shortcut to hair-care career goals

From left, Ashley Almeida, Amy Gann and Diane Trascapoulos are stylists at California Stylin’ in Manteca. Gann, 20, recently bought the business from the previous owner who retired after 32 years.

MANTECA—It has long been her goal to be the owner of a hair salon, but Amy Gann didn’t expect it to happen so quickly.

At 20 years old, Gann bought California Stylin’, a salon that has been around for 32 years … 12 years longer than she’s been alive.

Patti Flatter originally opened the business all those years ago, but retirement came calling and she put the salon on the market. Or, specifically, on Craigslist.

Gann has been cutting hair a little more than two years.

“I was looking online for a week straight, trying to find a good deal and a good little salon to take over, and this was on [Craigslist],” Gann said. “That’s how it came about.”

The budding stylist said she had help from family to make the purchase, one that she had to take advantage of.

“Honestly, this was too good of an opportunity to pass up,” Gann said. “I just felt I was ready for it, for this new adventure that was ahead of me.”

The Manteca native isn’t on her own when it comes to running the salon. She is joined by Ashley Almeida, her classmate from Paul Mitchell School in Modesto, and Diane Trascopoulos and Connie Martinez, veteran stylists who worked for Flatter.

Gann and her family didn’t waste any time in giving the salon a makeover, to let clients know that there has been a change in management, but still a commitment to quality work. After purchasing the business, Gann and her father and brothers did a complete remodel over the course of five days.

“I love it. I absolutely love it. Change is good,” said Trascapoulos, who has worked at California Stylin’ for 21 years. “It’s a different feeling because we’ve brought in a younger crew who teach me things I was never taught. There’s always new techniques for learning things. In this profession we can all learn from each other.”

Plenty of established clientele, or “regulars,” come in every week, Gann said, and she brings her own clients with her. Being in a salon, however, is far better than working from home, which is what she and Almeida were doing previously.

“We both were doing hair out of our houses. It’s nice not to have them flip over our kitchen sink anymore,” Almeida said with a laugh.

Like many long-lasting salons or barbershops, people who were clients when they were younger have continued to come back over the years, bringing their families along with them.

“I have done many a first haircut on little ones. Now, all the sudden, they’re parents themselves,” Trascapoulos said.

Now she’s seeing the next generation take over with Gann making the shop her own. Her goal isn’t complete. She wants to continue to grow.

“Ultimately, I would love to expand this place and open up so many more doors for people,” Gann said. They will be offering spray tanning when Almeida achieves her certification and Gann currently offers eyelash extensions.

“I just want to bring more services around here. Pretty much every salon around here does the same thing,” Gann said. “I want to bring things to our salon that not too many other salons offer. It will be like a one-stop shop.”

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