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Tracy man catches pilfering pump | News

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Tracy man catches pilfering pump

TRACY - Marcus Epelstein paid $20 dollars in advance to fill his gas tank at the AM/PM station on Grant Line Road Thursday evening. Epelstein said he started to fill up his tank, but it turned out he only needed about $11 worth of gas.

"The gallons and price were climbing very slowly, so I pulled out the hose and noticed that I wasn't pumping, but I was still being charged," said Epelstein.

Epelstein said that's when he decided to start recording the pump with his cell phone video camera. He say he confronted management, who refunded his money and closed the pump for the night.

"There could have been a number of factors to make the pump malfunction," said the station manager, who did not want to be publicly identified.

"The pump was inspected and put back on the next morning," he said.

Epelstein said he wants other customers to know they need to pay attention at the pump.

"The economy is bad and gas prices are high. If I had walked away, I would have assumed my $20 dollars got into my gas tank," said Epelstein.

The manager promised the station will refund any customers who have problems with its pumps.

By Leigh Paynter, lpaynter@news10.net


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