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Ripon using water conservation patrol to help reach goals | News

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Ripon using water conservation patrol to help reach goals

The city of Ripon is trying to correct its water saving percentage from going in the wrong direction. People in Ripon were told to cut their water use by 36 percent.

First, they came close at 34 percent. A month later it was at 32 and then 31 percent. Now, the city is trying to help put those numbers in the right direction by using a water conservation car to patrol the area. City employees keep logs of violations and leave notices.

"In addition to notifying residents of water violations, I'm also marking faulty sprinklers," Ripon Water Conservation Coordinator Ben Isganitis said.

Isganitis said his position is very new. He started the job in early May. Isganitis said water patrols are out at all hours of the night, making sure the mandatory water conservation measures are being followed and trying to help residents achieve those goals.

One thing they monitor is watering on the wrong day. Watering is not allowed on Mondays. Odd addresses can water on Wednesday, Friday and Sunday. Even addresses can water Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. Watering is prohibited between 10 a.m. and 6 p.m. every day.

On Wednesday, Isganitis caught one home with its sprinklers on around 5:40 p.m. A courtesy notice was left on the door. 

If residents fail to comply, they could be fined. Isganitis said they leave notices, then try to contact the homeowners in person or by phone. If that doesn't work, that's when fines could start. The first violation would cost $25, the second $50. It would be $100 for the third, and any additional violation costs $200.

Many lawns in the area appear to be quite green, and everyone has their own opinion as to why.

"The homes around us that are for sale are watering a lot, trying to sell their home, so I see a lot of sprinklers on and water being wasted," Ripon resident Lacee King said.

King was at a park with her family, enjoying the grass because she said they've stopped watering their backyard.

"It's sad you can see the (water) levels. You see the photos of our lakes and reservoirs, and the water supply is dangerously low, its concerning," she said.

For now, be prepared to see the water conservation car keeping an eye out around Ripon.

If residents have questions or need help resetting their sprinkler's timer, they can email the city at waterwatch@cityofripon.org. If residents are looking for other ways to save, there's two rebates they can take advantage of online. Residents can get a $50 Smart Irrigation Controller Rebate or a $5 rebate for a WaterSense Showerhead.


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