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Frustration of the middle class

Blog entry by Tracy City Manager Leon Churchill:

The frustration of the middle class is bubbling up in familiar and unfamiliar places.  We can see the frustration of public employees in Wisconsin. Yes, public employees are part of the middle class and this fact, is one of the considerations when downsizing public organizations. Layoffs in these groups create considerable reductions in local spending power.  In fact, here in Tracy, downtown merchants can see the daytime sales drops on the city’s furlough and alternate Friday’s off. In addition to financial frustrations, there are other emotions at work in public demonstrations aimed at public employees. You see, Wisconsin isn’t the only state where public employees are the subject of debate. It’s a PR showdown in every state, across the nation.   

Public employees are keen

13th Annual Women's Conference to be held March 25

TRACY - "Building a Better You" is the theme of the upcoming 13th Annual Women’s Conference hosted by the Tracy Women’s Forum Association on Friday, March 25 from 8:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m.

This year, we are proud to present Mary Foley as our Keynote Speaker. She is an international speaker, co-host of the ‘Girl We Gotta Talk’ radio show, and the author of three books including “Live Like Your Nail Color”. She will offer women practical, fresh, fun advice to empower their lives, thrive on change and live bodaciously! Also this year we will have an interactive panel discussion with experts on finance, health and fitness, as well as a continental breakfast, networking sessions, Exhibitors booths and a catered lunch.

The conference is a powerful event that brings together the many diverse and dynamic women of Tracy and surrounding communities.

Civic engagement, why more and why now?

Civic engagement, why more and why now?

Blog entry by Leon Churchill, City of Tracy City Manager

The public sector nationwide is in a state of uncertainty both economically and professionally. Not a day goes by without hearing a story at the top of the news involving local or state government, which is why as a City Manager, I have decided to regularly blog about current affairs and their impact on local government. I am grateful for the opportunity to offer my voice and hear from the community on the issues before Tracy now and in the future.

You’re most likely wondering, “Why in the world would a public official put him/herself in front of the community at this time? Public disdain is elevated, and distrust in government is at an all-time high. In reality, the question is also the answer, which is precisely why, I feel civic engagement is needed now more than ever before. If you do not hear from the decision-makers, how will you know why proposals are made or events interpreted?

San Joaquin foster care system needs more long-term parents

SAN JOAQUIN COUNTY, CA - Rosie is 7 years old. She found her family when she was three weeks old as a foster child.

Her mother, Patty Lamar, originally never intended to adopt. Lamar and her husband have two biological children and started foster parenting 15 years ago. Throughout the years, Lamar provided a home to 75 foster kids.

"I just wanted to be a mom to more kids, but we always only had the kids for six months at a time," said Lamar. "Rosie was the exception. It became where we didn't pick her, she picked us."

The San Joaquin County Child Protective Services, which places removed or surrendered children with foster homes, needs more parents to adopt foster children or to be foster parents for longer periods of time.

Currently, the agency has a good roster of temporary foster homes, but needs more long-term families.

Manteca's future highway divides homes now

MANTECA, CA - A major road project, scheduled to begin in the distant future, is already dividing the city of Manteca.

Homeowners and farmers in the rural area off Airport Way fear the city's plan to turn McKinley Avenue into a highway will literally run them over.

"The city will put us farmers out of business entirely if this is allowed," said Arnold Rothlin, an alfalfa and goat farmer who owns 40 acres off of Airport Way.

"The new plan cuts directly across our backyard," said Dolores Wackerly, who owns property off of Fig Avenue.

The city proposed three different paths the highway could take. The latest design extends McKinley Avenue past Woodward Avenue, through open farm land, and then cuts through land between Fig Avenue and Nile Avenue. It finally connects with Austin Road.

Tracy police provide residential crime prevention tips

Tracy police provide residential crime prevention tips

TRACY - The Tracy Police Department wants to make sure residents have security tips for landscaping and lighting around your home, to help keep you and your family safe, and prevent crime.

Residential Landscaping 
Plant materials should be trimmed so they are not any higher than the sill of the window or they have no branches below 3-feet, to create a clearance space to allow you to have a clear line of sight. If you have any overgrown bushes or shrubs, they should be trimmed and removed. At a minimum, overgrown bushes should be trimmed 1-foot from any building structure wall and should be trimmed to a height of 3-feet. If trimming a bush to that height is not possible or would potentially kill the plant, it should be trimmed up 1-foot from the ground. 

Outdoor Lighting 
It is a well known fact that lighting is an instrumental part to reducing crime.

12 tips to healthy eating

12 tips to healthy eating

MANTECA — Every five years, the government updates Dietary Guidelines. Uncle Sam has just updated the guidelines again, based on all the latest in nutrition research.

Here are 12 gems, made simple by your friends at Su Salud/Your Health :

1. Eat less. Especially if you’re overweight.

2. Get active. Reduce time spent on the couch, in front of a screen, or at a desk.

3. Eat less salt.