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Here are just a few ideas for articles you could write during the month of April:

· Farmer's Market Openings 
· Park Clean-ups
· Blood Drives
· Gardening timeline information
· Community Service projects in the local schools
· Library week events
· Pictures of the first signs of spring

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Ripon wedding sets tone for fun weekend at Ruby Hill Winery in Livermore

Manteca Bulletin
By Glenn Kahl It was the wedding of weddings Saturday at Casa Real at the Ruby Hill Winery in Livermore bringing together two Ripon area families who did their utmost to make the event unforgettable from the announcements to the DVD video replay to the ...

A bounty of baskets

A bounty of baskets
Easter baskets of all shapes and sizes were among the highlights of the Children’s Home Society’s annual Spring Luncheon on Tuesday, April 5, at Portuguese Hall.

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Congratulations are in

Blog entry by Manteca Police Chief Dave Bricker:

Congratulations are in order to Jason Bonetti and Mark Rangel for the new additions to their families. Jason has a new baby girl and Mark just added a son to the family. I am happy for both of you. Nothing is more important than family.

Also congratulations to Steve Beermann. He has been selected to receive the Child Abuse Prevention and Intervention Award for "Law Enforcement Officer of the Year". This award was presented in special recognition to those who investigate crimes where the children are at a high risk of abuse and neglect in San Joaquin County. The award is sponsored by the San Joaquin County Children's Services Coordinating Commission. Steve's award will be presented during the lunch program at the annual Child Abuse Symposium held on April 12, 2011, at the Stockton Hilton Hotel in Stockton, California. Great Job Steve. Well deserved.

Apartment living security tips

Apartment living security tips


By far, the most common threat to an apartment unit is burglary. Burglary, by definition, is a non-confrontational crime, but being victimized can leave a family feeling vulnerable and violated. To prevent a burglary, it is important to first gain an understanding of who commits them and why. The majority of apartment burglaries occur during the daytime when most people are away at work or at school. Burglaries also occur at night when there are obvious signs that no one is home. Most apartment burglars are young males looking for things that are small, expensive, and can easily be converted to cash. Items like cash, jewelry, guns, watches, laptop computers, and other small electronic devices are high on the list. Quick cash is needed for living expenses and drugs.

Statistics tell us that more than 30 percent of all apartment burglars gained access through an open door or window.

Stormy clouds over Manteca

Stormy clouds over Manteca

This is taken at Pro Bass Shops in Manteca. Submitted by Ron Tolentino.

Girlfriend...are you in need of maintenance?

Girlfriend...are you in need of maintenance?

TRACY - Imagine that you just got a brand new house! It’s a cute little thing with a bedroom, kitchen, small living room and your cute little car is in the cute little garage. You even painted it your favorite color (maybe.. Oh So You Blue or I’m Rockin’ It Red!)

Some time passes and you’ve entered the working world. Perhaps you have started your own business, or just worked your way up the ladder to a solid management position. Things are looking up! Better add on a little office to your house. And look... you’ve acquired a husband, and two beautiful bouncing babies. Oh, and some in-laws. Oops, need to add some rooms to that house of yours! And the kitchen really needs to be expanded. The garage has got to be a little bigger too. But hey, this is what you have wanted all of your life, all of your loved ones and treasures right here with you.