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Contributor of the Month: Laura Scarborough | Life

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Contributor of the Month: Laura Scarborough
Contributor of the Month: Laura Scarborough

“I’m one of those people who can’t walk and chew gum at the same time, so juggling is out of the question,” Laura Scarborough said.

Laura Scarborough’s blog, Adventures in Juggling, is about a Manteca mom’s life with a husband, five kids, one of which has special needs, three pets and being a RN at the neo-natal intensive care unit, NICU.

“We started in 2005, back then it was a kind of a curiosity.”

Laura started journaling after her son Daniel was born. Daniel was born premature and has autism [CORRECTION: Daniel was born premature and has many struggles related to his extreme premature birth, Laura said in her blog]. She said dealing with everything alone was “really isolating and hard.”

Adventures in juggling became her outlet. She writes about her family and her life. It isn’t a true mommy blog, Laura said, it’s about everything in my life.

“I write about whatever happened that day and at the moment,” Laura said.

Laura’s blog isn’t about becoming famous; she didn’t even think people read the blog. It was her online journal.

“Three months into [the blog], Daniel had a health crisis. People started commenting. I was like “Oh my god,” people are reading [my blog].”

Daniel has fans spread all throughout, Laura said.

People searching for information about having a child with special needs find Laura’s blog a comfort. On the flip side, Laura finds support from people who comment on her posts.

Adventures in Juggling is about how Laura balances the different aspects of her life. The slideshow below breaks up the different parts of her life and how she keeps that ball in the air.


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