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Local Tobacco Control Program Observes “World No Tobacco Day” | Health

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Local Tobacco Control Program Observes “World No Tobacco Day”
Local Tobacco Control Program Observes “World No Tobacco Day”

Tobacco is the leading cause of illnesses and deaths worldwide. By 2030,
the World Health Organization (WHO) estimates that tobacco use will kill more than 8 million people each
year. World No Tobacco Day (WNTD) is observed worldwide on May 31 each year and encourages a 24-
hour period free of all forms of tobacco use.

The theme for 2012 WNTD is Tobacco Industry Interference, to raise awareness of industry tactics that
undermine tobacco control policies designed to protect people from harmful tobacco use. Common
tobacco industry tactics include manipulation of public opinion to gain the appearance of respectability,
maneuvering to hijack the political and legislative process, intimidating governments with litigation or the
threat of litigation, discrediting proven science and fabricating support through front groups.

The San Joaquin County Public Health Services Tobacco Control Program (STOPP) is committed to
reducing the prevalence of tobacco use in this county and joins advocates around the globe in observing
World No Tobacco Day. Information about the ongoing efforts and activities of the local Tobacco Control
Program can be found by logging on to the website link,

For anyone who wants to quit smoking, or knows someone who does, helpful resources can also be found
at this web link. The program maintains a STOPP Cessation Resource List which is updated quarterly
and posted on the website or distributed free of cost. The resource list includes low or no cost local
support for cessation classes, online counseling to stop smoking, and phone numbers for assistance by
trained counselors in English, Spanish, Chinese, Korean and Vietnamese. In addition, the STOPP
Cessation List contains quit-line numbers for the hearing-impaired and for users of chew/dip tobacco.

The toll-free Smoker’s Help Line is 1-800-540-6775 and the local phone number is (209) 468-2415.
The San Joaquin County Tobacco Control Program (STOPP) works with local youth volunteers, in
collaboration with school districts and partner agencies, to conduct activities designed to counter protobacco
industry influences and promote tobacco use cessation.

The Tobacco-Free Movies project involves local tobacco control advocates and youth volunteers throughout San Joaquin County. This project aims to educate parents and young people about the tobacco industry’s influence on movie studios that produce movies rated for younger viewing audiences, yet promote adult behaviors (e.g., cigarette use) and use tobacco products as background props. Through irresponsible marketing, the tobacco industry deceives children into tobacco use to secure its future profit base.

The Tobacco Control Program is currently collecting feedback from community partners to determine gaps in educational needs for effective tobacco cessation in San Joaquin County’s diverse communities. This information will be used to determine ways the program can improve how it refers people to helpful tobacco use cessation support and expand its resource sharing. Anyone interested in joining the ongoing efforts of the local tobacco control program may call 209-468-2411.


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