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The worst video games of 2011


2011 has been one of the strongest years in recent memory as far as the quality of newly-available games is concerned.  While titles such as Portal 2 and The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim have been grabbing headlines and praise, there have been plenty that deserve an equal amount of shunning.

Body and Brain Connection (D-/A+) - The makers of Brain Age put their minds together and came up with Body and Brain Connection, a mental fitness title for Kinect on the Xbox 360.  Frustrations abound in this title and players are better off just sticking with the developers' DS original.

Nanda's Island (F/A+) - As reviewer Trevor Tamsen puts it: "...restoring this desert island is about as much fun as walking across hot concrete barefoot."  DS gamers are better off ignoring this title.

Tesla the Weather Man (F/A+) - A game that would make history and science teachers everywhere flip a lid, PC game Tesla the Weather Man is as good as it is factually correct (that is to imply not at all).

Tin Can Escape (D/A+) - A DS game imported by Mumbo Jumbo, Tin Can Escape is a game that fails to stand out and fails to impress, being below-average puzzle-type game to a fault.

Tails from the Dragon Mountain: The Strix (D/A+) -A hidden object/adventure game for the PC, The Strix is a game that feels old from the get-go.  Because it doesn't hold up well against other current (and slightly older) similar games, it's exceedingly difficult to recommend -- even at its $7.00 asking price.

News10.net's Game Guys have a handful more games to review by the end of the year, but hopefully none of those will measure the same level of badness as these five.


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