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Contributor of the Month: Blogger Catherine Enfield | Food & Drink

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Contributor of the Month: Blogger Catherine Enfield
Food & Drink
Contributor of the Month: Blogger Catherine Enfield

The contributor of the month piece will highlight a My Neighborhood blogger who has posted multiple pieces during the month and is doing something exciting. The contributor of the month is picked by News10 My Neighborhood staff.

I met up with Catherine Enfield at the Sugar and Spice Bakery at 12th and F. Bakery Owner Carissa went about her afternoon as she baked more treats and helped patrons pick out their perfect dessert.

Catherin and I stood in the corner and chatted about her blog Munchie Musings.

“The Munchie Musings is actually an appropriate title because if I had to think of a mission statement it would be thoughts, musings, about food and life,” Catherine explained.

Munchie Musings covers food recipes, food reviews and other things it Catherine’s life she wants to blog about.

Catherine started Munchie Musings as a hobby, but the blog has grown since its inception in 2008. Catherine got the idea to blog after reading other food blogs.

“There are so many food blogs out there, and at the time I was going through one by one and looking at them,” Catherine said. “They are all the way from the highly professional level blogs and then you got some really amateur ones out there and my thought was ‘I can be somewhere in between’, and that’s how it started.”

Because of the blogs growth, Catherine was able to organize an Online (Bake) Sale for Japan and helped organize Sacto Mo Fo.

“What I’m doing with both Sacto Mo Fo and the Online Bake Sale is I’m engaging the community into taking different kinds of action, they’re food oriented action, but I have an engagement with the community that way,” she said.

The Online (Bake) Sale includes food from a variety of restaurants and bakeries, including Sugar and Spice Bakery, which was the first to join. The effort grew to include gift certificates to restaurants and baked goods from other food bloggers in the area.

“I must admit that my funds are very tight,” Catherine explained. “So I was like, what can I do to give to the effort and yet I don’t have the money to give; but I obviously have the time and effort to give to the cause.”

The online bake sale will take place on the Munchie Musings Facebook Fan page. People will be able to bid in the comments section of the item’s picture. The bake sale goes from April 1 to April 2.

Sacto Mo Fo is a mobile food festival where dozens of vendors will setup at Fremont Park on April 30. Catherine joined the effort to hopefully change city laws that don't allow food trucks in the city.

“By having the event, it's basically a way to show Sacramento what we’re missing,” Catherine explained. “We’re missing out on the biggest food trend currently in the food industry. By bringing the trucks here and showing the public what we’re missing; hopefully, that will put some pressure on the city council.”

As the lunch hour winded down and Carissa's regulars came and went, Catherine told me she used mostly social media tools like Facebook and the Twitter to spread the word about the events.

Our chat ended when we got a chance to go behind the glass at the bakery and take a few pictures of the sweets. Carissa finished up a carrot cake and put it on display for someone to pick out, take home and enjoy.

So you want to be a blogger, Catherine has three tips for you below:

If you want to be a contributor on My Neighborhood email writer@news10.net

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