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Recipe: Paella Flatbread Pizza | Food & Drink

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Recipe: Paella Flatbread Pizza
Food & Drink
Recipe: Paella Flatbread Pizza

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Before I get started, just wanted to share that I got a new job! SQUEEEE!!! I’ll tell you more about it another day because this is kind of a long post and I want to wax poetic about it at length. But I know a lot of you have been genuinely concerned for me and all the hell I’ve been going through lately, so I wanted to let you know that there is hope on the horizon once more. There is still a ton of stuff to catch up on bill-wise, and I’m still dealing with my stupid PHN and all the fun that brings with it (yeah, right), but it’s SO good to know I have a job again. Especially so soon after my other job closed down. Having the following recipe for dinner is fabulous way to celebrate! : )

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And now for a little something different. Different and wicked cool.

Last fall, I had the honor of being invited to be a featured chef in an upcoming issue of Latina Magazine. While I’ve done plenty of features and menus for online sources, the idea of being able to hold my first national piece as a recipe developer in my hot little hands was beyond awesome. Call me old school, but I’m still a huge fan of print media and books made of paper and ink.

This was a great opportunity for me to stretch my recipe writing wings and go beyond the standard PGEW recipes. (Believe it or not, my food dreams include more than just quinoa, kale, and anything topped with a fried egg.) It also gave me the chance to celebrate my Latina heritage a bit, something I’ve been doing more and more through food. The premise for this February assignment*: design a menu perfect for a girls’ night in, celebrating the love we single gals have for our girlfriends, rather than the standard Here’s What You Can Serve Your Man for Valentine’s Day (Don’t worry, gentlemen, we’ll let you have a slice of the flatbread now that VDay is over. Two if you’re good. ; ) ).


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