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all in all she’s just another Brick | Family

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all in all she’s just another Brick
all in all she’s just another Brick

In the news in the interwebs, we are to feel sorry for poor Samantha Brick.


I mean look at her.

She’s beautiful…at least she declares that she is. She adds that it is so hard for someone as beautiful as she is. Pilots send flight attendants to offer her bottles of champagne. Bartenders won’t accept her credit card to settle her bar tab. Women hate her. Her female friends especially hate her and don’t trust her because she might steal their men away from them. Her female bosses dislike her and pass her over because she is younger and prettier than they are and because they won’t succumb to her flirtatious wiles.


Oh Samantha!

You are pretty enough. You have a lovely figure clearly because you exercise regularly and don’t drink and never eat chocolate.


Truly you are blessed….even if you are deprived of the blessed heavenly goodness that is chocolate. But Samantha, while you might be a lovely woman, you are not beautiful. Sorry.

You see what makes a woman beautiful is not her perfect, blonde hair or her slim figure or the fashionable way she dresses and no, not even the confidence she has in her gorgeous out-ward beauty.

No. Not at all.

Dear Samantha, yes the outward package is a part of it and so is the confidence one carries oneself with; but that is but a small part of a beautiful person…a truly beautiful person. What makes a person beautiful is their heart and how they share it with those around them…their friends…their family…their lover…their co-workers…the lady at the bank…the pierced-out barista making their mocha frappuccino…the old man who smells in the express lane at the grocery store with obviously more than 15 items.What makes a person beautiful is the beauty all around them that reflects off of their presence.

If you and I were to be standing side by side you might be right in that you are most likely more attractive than me and the fact that I am nearly ten years older than you and I drink wine and LOVE chocolate could very well be why. But I’m okay with that. I might not be as lovely as you (by your definition) but I stand proud in the truth that I am the mother of some wonderfully amazing people whose beauty shines from deep inside their hearts and souls out past the pretty, pretty shells. I made that beauty that graces this world. I nurtured and cultivated it. I can declare that I have added some much needed beauty in this world that is shared every day just by the lovely nature that is my children’s smiles, their hearts, their tender souls. Samantha, lovely Samantha, THAT is just one thing that makes me beautiful…no matter how old I might become.


The beauty of a woman is not in a facial mode but the true beauty in a woman is reflected in her soul. It is the caring that she lovingly gives the passion that she shows. The beauty of a woman grows with the passing years.
~ Audrey Hepburn

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