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her first
her first

Watching my own tiny dancer…okay she isn’t so tiny but she is waaa-aaay tinier than me as I don’t believe that I ever was a size 3…but yeah, watching my tiny dancer getting fitted for her very first pair of pointe shoes my mind begins to wonder…

…yeah it wonders from time to time…

This is a big deal for a dancer. I bet it is one of those moments in a dancer’s life they never forget. Their first…kind of like your first kiss…your first love…your first car..your first_____ .

Turns out it is quite the production wearing pointe shoes. There are toe spacers and lambs wool and the fact that one foot is bigger than the other and the fact that no pointe shoe is alike.

Kind of like the saying you have to kiss a lot of frogs to find your prince, Jodie had to try on a lot of shoes to find “the one”. Okay, fine, she ended up trying on all the shoes available at The Dance Bag. This might explain why an appointment is necessary to be fitted.

And why Jodie would go from first position to relévé with every single pair of ballet slippers that she tried on. She literally toured the world until she found The One…the pair that was meant for her feet.

I swear I could see it myself when she rose up onto her toes.

The Russian Pointe Shoes…“brilliantly engineered to be supportive, formfitting, comfortable and long lasting…lovingly crafted of all-natural materials by master cobblers, in the grand tradition of Russian pointe shoemaking”…these were The Ones.

OMG! They are so beautiful!

I can not wait to see her dance in these! She takes my breath away every time she takes the stage to dance regardless of the style or what shoe she wears but I am betting that I will be weeping.

And just like a Dance Mom, I have to again state how proud I am of this amazing dancing daughter of mine!


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