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white flag waving
white flag waving


This parenting gig is HARD sometimes! Oh who am I kidding? It’s hard pretty much all of the time. My apologies to the new parents just starting out but that is a fact.

Still I have this air of confidence, of I can totally do this because I am a pro. I mean I DO have three adult children now, two of whom are independent, not living at home, paying their own rent, saving money, planning vacations and buying insurance kind of grown-ups. I’ve got this down…or at least I should. At least I think so…I thought so…

So when faced with the latest crisis of bad behavior I take it on as a teachable moment… because I have dealt with this before… because I am a veteran parent. This will be easy and solved in the time span of a popular 30 minute sitcom.

Um, yeah.

No it won’t.

I swear these kids are out to get us parents. I bet they have secret meetings hunkered down in some bunker where they plot to drive us crazy and bring us to our knees…“This totally freaked Mom out.  You should try it. You’ll totally get away with it!” And after their secret rendezvous, they come after us unsuspecting at around 1600 hours. It is a total surprise attack that leaves us wobbly, unsure and ready to wave that white flag.


Dang kids! Why do you all have to be so different sometimes even if you are all so much alike and so much like us? Well, we’re not quite ready give up…not just yet. Don’t forget where you got that stubborn streak from. Yeah, me!

No surrender!

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