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Charter Schools Gain Momentum in San Joaquin County | Community

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Charter Schools Gain Momentum in San Joaquin County
Charter Schools Gain Momentum in San Joaquin County

Year after year, we see more parents demanding high quality school choice options for their children. Current enrollment numbers tell us that an estimated 547,800 students are enrolled in charter public schools across the state for the 2014-15 school year. Charter enrollment grew by an estimated 33,525 increase this year. This growth pattern isn’t limited to student enrollment in existing charter schools, in fact there are 87 new charter schools that opened their doors this year, bringing the total number of charters in California to 1,184.  Despite the growth and momentum, charter school students only represent about 7% of California’s student population.  Yet according to a number of polls and studies conducted in recent years a majority of parents feel charter schools do a better job than traditional public schools. 

The second largest school growth area (only Los Angeles experienced more growth) is in the Northeast and Central Valley region of California (22 schools), including 5 new charters in San Joaquin county and 3 new charters in Sacramento county.  Stockton has witnessed several Charter Schools move into parts of the community looking to revitalize and engage in efforts to “take back” the community from drugs, violence and other negative influences that have plagued different parts of Stockton for years.  Many feel the School Choice Community will continue to play a pivotal role in creating positive changes the educational landscape and the Stockton Community at-large.

Charter school growth has continued in 2015, the School Choice Community will see at least 3 more charter schools in San Joaquin County.  Which may be an indication of a rise in the number of schools approved this year over last year.  San Joaquin’s school choice movement includes increased advocacy throughout the community and charter leader involvement in the political arena.  In 2014, San Joaquin County voters witnessed the first contested County Superintendent of Schools election in over two decades, when long time charter schools leader Dr. Jeff Tilton faced off against the ACSA/CTA backed candidate Jamie Mousalimas.  While Dr. Tilton’s campaign gained support from only one school district Superintendent (David Thoming) and raised about 1/3 of the campaign dollars of his opponent, he did gain the support of Charter advocates statewide and nearly 50,000 voters in San Joaquin (nearly half of 106,000 votes cast); this provided the education community with a clear indication that many folks in our region are looking for change.  The good news is that there are school developers and community members ready to support and deliver the positive change people are looking for.

In response to the hundreds of families on Stockton charter school waiting lists, familiar charter school leaders like Dr. Jeff Tilton and retired County Superintendent of Schools Mick Founts have submitted petitions for new charter school programs to open their doors in the coming years.  Two of the schools (Delta Bridges in Stockton and Delta Online in Tracy) will begin operations in the fall of 2015.  Even with addition of these schools, it is highly likely that hundreds of students will remain on wait lists of San Joaquin charter schools.  Which means that the demand for charter school growth is not likely to slow down anytime soon.

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