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Townsend Opera’s Keep the Arts Alive

RIPON - Friends, keep the arts alive. The Townsend Opera Company (TOP) is a very strong and vibrant company and the board is wishing to keep it this way. All the board members are part of this board because they believe in this company, not for the status of being a board member. That is why we embark on this campaign. Each board member was asked to raise at least $2,000 and all the board members have stepped up and have done an incredible job. They have asked all their friends to donate $25 to $1,000, whatever they can afford to make amazing campaign succeed. We are only $15,000 away from accomplishing this goal. I ask anyone reading this to please step up and help us meet our goal.

Our goal was to raise $60,000 by February 1st. With your help, we are confident we can achieve our goal.

The Board of Directors of TOP embarked on this campaign because we believe the arts and in particular, opera is important to our community.