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APRIL 30 The Dominic Deiro Story | Community Spirit

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APRIL 30 The Dominic Deiro Story
APRIL 30 The Dominic Deiro Story

Sponsored by Cultural Awareness Programs Committee (CAPs) Produced by the English Department and Dominic's Designated Driver (DDD), a non-profit organization.

This event will present to the campus community an informed discussion of the individual responsibilities involved in public behavior. Decisions made on the spur of the moment have long-term consequences that can affect lives drastically and can cause loss and sorrow. The focus will be on a Delta College student—who he was, how he influenced others, how he lost his life—and on his family's decision to educate others on the importance of accountability and personal responsibility. Speakers will present indoors; this will be followed by an outdoor activity assembling a "memory tree."

Agenda: --Mia Deiro Douglass (Dominic's sister and a second-degree student in the nursing program at Azusa Pacific University in San Diego) will speak on the life of her brother Dominic. As a Delta College student, he wrote "I Have a DREAM," an essay published in Delta Winds; the essay was later published in Real Writing with Readings by Susan Anker through Bedford/St. Martin's Press. Dominic died as a passenger in a solo-vehicle drunk driving accident. After Dominic's passing, the family created Dominic's Designated Driver (DDD), a program aimed at decreasing the number of DUIs and drunk-driving-related accidents through the utilization of designated drivers. --Bobby Wells (a student at UOP and Dominic's best friend) will speak on friendship and personal responsibility. --Officer Craig Wood (Campus Police) will speak on the punishment involved with a DUI, the crimes associated with drunk driving, and the long-term consequences. --Rosie Huerta will speak on applying for scholarships, such as the Dominic Deiro Memorial Scholarship. --Mia will speak about the posting of outstanding research papers and/or essays on the DDD website. Mia will also note the involvement of Delta College towards promoting DDD: through a Collegian article written by Karina Ramirez; through Delta's Radio and Television Department interview of Mark Deiro on "A Brighter Day and Hope for Tomorrow," produced by Debra Hemmer; and through a booth at the 2012 Socially Wise and Actively Geared (S.W.A.G.) fair. --Questions and Answers --Hip Hop Congress will perform. --Writers' Guild will introduce the Memory Tree and coordinate the next stage of the day's events—writing messages and notes and posting them on a sculptural tree visual display outside of Danner.

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Contact Phone: Bob Bini. English Instructor. 954-5455

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