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What is your cellphone doing to your brain? |

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What is your cellphone doing to your brain?

MANTECA, CA — Many have long suspected that cellphones may be linked to brain cancer. The latest research from the National Institutes of Health has some clues for us.

The good news: no link to brain cancer or any other other health problems has been proven yet.

The bad news: cellphones do affect our brains.

We just don’t know what the long-term effects are yet.

The latest study, published in the Journal of the American Medical Association, shows for the first time a direct link between cell-phone radiation and brain-cell activity.

50 minutes of cell phone usage (with the phone muted to avoid any effect from sound stimulation) raised brain glucose levels in the parts of the brain closest to the phone’s antenna.

“Although we cannot determine the clinical significance, our results give evidence that the human brain is sensitive to the effects of radiofrequency-electromagnetic fields from acute cell phone exposures,” said Nora Volkow, the study’s lead author.

Researchers say we need to further study the impact of cellphones on our brains.

Until we know more, we have another reason to keep within the minutes on our plans.

And don’t ditch our land-lines just yet.

Dr Masood Cajee is a Manteca dentist and public health advocate. Access his website at www.smilesahead.us. He blogs & tweets about healthy mouths, bodies, and communities.

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