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5 sleep tips for school kids |

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5 sleep tips for school kids

MANTECA, CA — Our kids aren’t getting enough sleep. And it’s not just making them tired at school. It might be making them fat.

A new study in the February issue of Pediatrics found that obese kids usually don’t get enough weekend sleep. Kids who are obese don’t seem to have a good weekend sleep routine. They don’t get enough “catch-up" sleep.

Kids need at least 10 hours of sleep a night. Kids need good sleep on the weekends too, not just school nights.

The combination of less sleep and and random sleep patterns is apparently linked to slower metabolism. Slower metabolism means more chubsiness. More fat.

Here are 5 health tips to help school kids sleep better (and preserve parents’ sanity):

1. Be sure your kids are getting enough sleep. Kids in elementary school need 10-11 hours of sleep per day. High schoolers need less: about 8-9 hours a day.
2. Have a a cutoff time for screentime and snacking. Staying up to watch TV, go on the internet, and play video games overstimulates the brain. Eating snacks filled with sugar or caffeine can also disrupt sleep. For at least one hour before bedtime, avoid these things to ensure good sleep for kids and adults alike.
3. Make sure homework gets done early. Don’t put it off until late.
4. Try to keep to a regular sleep routine even on the weekends.
5 And parents, let the kids sleep in on the weekends. They’re not being lazy slobs. Their bodies actually need the ZZZZZZZZZZZZs!

Manteca Dentist Dr Masood Cajee is proud to be a public health advocate. He blogs & tweets about healthy mouths, bodies, and communities. Access his website at www.smilesahead.us.

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