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Fundraiser to benefit local effort to feed malnourished children around the world

Fundraiser to benefit local effort to feed malnourished children around the world
 Country Beer & Wine Roundup Will Feature Local Wineries,Craft Breweries, Food Tastings, Auction

The future starts now at Sutter Health

The future starts now at Sutter Health

Jose Aguilar didn’t always know he wanted to be a doctor. And he certainly didn’t know he was going to get help with that journey from a doctor he had never even met. That doctor was Chief of Surgery Christopher Hudlin of Gould Medical Group. As luck would have it, Jose’s journey began as he became one of the first recipients of the Dr. Christopher Hudlin Memorial Scholarship while attending Health Careers Academy, a high school in Stockton. 

2 ½ hours from everywhere: Murphys Historic Hotel stands test of time

Deanna Broglio stands on the balcony of one of Murphys Hotel’s historic rooms, overlooking Main Street in Murphys, California.

It could be said that Murphys Historic Hotel is a doorway to another time, but its doorway is literally from another time. Upon entering the establishment, one might notice the doorknob is a mere two feet off the ground; a design choice implemented so that patrons would have to dismount their horses before entering.

This is but a taste of the rich history within the walls of California’s oldest continually-operating hotel. Established in 1856 as the Sperry and Perry Hotel, its ownership has changed hands seven times in its 162-year history.

Deanna Broglio has worked at the hotel off and on for the past 30 years. Currently the front desk manager, Broglio has a wealth of historical knowledge about the hotel and the area in which it sits... Read More

Businesses in Central Valley find expansion aid through Success Capital

From left, Laurie Avey, Marsha Carr and Beatrice Perez comprise the team at Success Capital in Modesto.

MODESTO—Growing a business can be tricky. Thanks to organizations like Success Capital, expanding a location or opening a second or even third shop is possible.

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Four reasons Central Valley should use Instagram to boost tourism

The Central Valley is home to some of the most beautiful scenery California has to offer. Tucked between the Sierra Nevada and Coast Ranges, this stretch of land covering about 18,000 square miles contains everything from wildlife refuges to world-class wineries.

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Seismic shift: new California independent contractor test

In a groundbreaking new decision, the California Supreme Court recently announced a significant change in independent contractor law, adopting a modified “ABC” test for determining whether an individual is an employee under the California Wage Orders. Dynamex Operations West, Inc. v. Superior Court of Los Angeles, No. S222732 (Cal. Sup. Ct. Apr. 30, 2018).

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Consider the reasons behind complete rebranding

When a potential client comes to me with a request for a full rebrand, the first question I ask is, “are we simply putting lipstick on a pig, or is there a rational business case for rebranding?”

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Local attorney expands new firm to continue serving Valley clients

Temica Smith recently opened up a law practice in Stockton.

Business Journal Writer

The path to discovering one’s passion and purpose can be a struggle for many individuals. For Temica Smith, Family and Criminal Law Attorney, there was a distinct desire to study law at an early age.

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Berkeley winery finding success with Lodi winegrapes

Jeff Morgan’s company Covenant Wines purchases grapes from Lodi’s Mettler family for its wines.

LODI—This area’s reputation as a profitable region for winegrapes, especially zinfandels, is no secret.

So, when Jeff Morgan, winemaker and co-owner at Covenant Winery in Berkeley, wanted to add a Lodi zin to his lineup of vinos, he turned to Mettler Vineyards in Lodi.

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IRS: offshore voluntary disclosure program coming to end

The Internal Revenue Service announced that its Offshore Voluntary Disclosure Program (OVDP) will end on Sept. 28, 2018.

For those unfamiliar with the OVDP, it’s a voluntary program within the IRS that permits taxpayers to disclose foreign financial assets and offshore activities without exposure to criminal prosecution and subject to reduced penalties.

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