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Memorial Medical Center opens biplane suite

Daryn Kumar, president and CEO of Sutter Health Memorial Medical Center in Modesto, overlooks the hospital’s biplane suite before it was opened in December of 2017.

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Pacific’s Symphonic Wind Ensemble to perform in Carnegie Hall


Editor’s note: This story originally appeared on the UOP website. It is being shared by permission.

University of the Pacific’s 55-member Symphonic Wind Ensemble will perform in Carnegie Hall in early 2019 during a featured concert at the New York Wind Band Festival in New York City.

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Health care scholarships open to local residents

Stockton-based Dignity Health St. Joseph’s Medical Center and the St. Joseph’s Foundation of San Joaquin have opened up scholarships for students enrolled in a health care field.

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Memorial Medical Center opens new biplane surgical suite

Memorial Medical Center opens new biplane surgical suite

Memorial Medical Center (MMC), part of Sutter Health, recently opened their new biplane neurological suite, allowing neurosurgeons to use advanced equipment and techniques to benefit local Sutter Health patients.

The biplane suite, which includes the use of two rotating cameras to create detailed 3D views of the blood vessels in and leading to the brain, is designed to help neurosurgeons better treat patients with stroke-causing blood clots. The physicians are able to quickly receive more detailed information, helping  lead to a faster recovery for the patient.

“The technology offers a minimally invasive method to locate the clots in the brain and to use imaging to help guide surgeons as they remove the clots,” said Sergio Camarillo, director of patient care services at MMC.

Local Starbucks managers to interview, possibly hire students

On Apr. 9, from 9 a.m.-2 p.m., 13 managers from seven local Starbucks locations will conduct an interview program with 125 area high school students. The event focuses on interview and resume-writing skills.

At the end of the event, the managers will let students know if any have secured jobs with the coffee company. They will also laud those with exceptional skills when it comes to interviewing and resume writing.

The program is being offered for the sixth year in a row by Starbucks and partner BrainworX Academy, which is part of the Venture Academy Family of schools, a charter school within the San Joaquin County Office of Education.

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Feast at the Fox bringing culinary class to Stockton

Ever wanted to try a farm-to-table dining experience but never had the chance? Now you can.

Fest at the Fox is just such a culinary event being held May 11, 2018, on Main Street in Downtown Stockton. It will feature a five-course meal created entirely by local chefs.

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Stockton Chorale appealing to broader audiences through mixed programs

Singers with the Stockton Chorale perform at a past concert. The organization has expanded its musical offerings to reach a broader audience.

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Coding firm offering free programs to Stockton high schools

CodeHS, a company that provides web-based computer science curriculum, has partnered with Reinvent Stockton Foundation to bring coding classes to Stockton high schools.

The Code Stockton initiative formed by the two entities is geared toward expanding computer science programs in Stockton high school classrooms.

“We’re very excited to be partnering with the Reinvent Stockton Foundation to empower Stockton students to meaningfully impact the future,” said CodeHS CEO Jeremy Keeshin in a statement. “With extensive online resources and passionate teachers, our goal is to bring high-quality computer science courses to high schools in the city of Stockton.”

Organizers of the initiative pointed to a U.S. Department of Labor study that showed there will be 500,000 new computing jobs created in the next eight years nationwide, but only 40 percent of high schools have computer science classes... Read More

Schuler named CEO of In-Shape

Francesca Schuler is getting her steps in. She’s stepping in as CEO of In-Shape Health Clubs, replacing Rich Nelson. Previously, Schuler was COO of the Stockton-based fitness business.

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Facilities Expo sees hundreds over two-day run

Dainel Hedin, project manager with Airstrike Bird Control, Inc., holds Wendy, a six-year-old falcon, at the Facilities Expo in Modesto on March 15.

MODESTO—More than 900 individuals representing businesses of every size were attended the Facilities Exposition over its two-day run on March 14-15.

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